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cnr Woronora and Wonoona Pde
Sundays 8am and 10am

 Life of Jesus DVD courses at All Saints' Oatley West Anglican church

Life of Jesus course at All Saints'

Over the six sessions of this course, you will have the chance to read and discuss one of Jesus' ancient biographies, the Gospel according to Luke. You will also watch a full-scale documentary on the life of one of history's most intriguing figures.

The purpose of the course is straightforward: to provide the inquiring, the sceptical, and believers alike with an opportunity to explore Jesus' life and to consider his significance for today. You don't need to know anything about the Bible; you won't be asked to read aloud, pray, or sing; you can ask any questions you want. Or, if you prefer, you can just come along and listen.

We are planning to begin this course during March (other dates may also be available later in the year). If you're interested in participating (or even just curious!), please let us know via an email to:

or ring 9580 5064 for more information.

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Episode 1: Is Christianity history? from CPX

You may also want to visit the offical website for more details. The Life of Jesus Website