Listen to sermons from All Saints' Oatley West Anglican church

Listen to sermons from All Saints'

You can listen to some of our sermons online, or simple click the 'download mp3' link to save this to your computer.

A small note, we would also like to apologise for the poor recording quaility of the first two sermons.

The Search for Solid Wisdom - Ecclesiastes

#1 Meaninglessness - Ecc 1:1-11

Duration 36:02 (17.6mb)

#2 The Quest for Contentment (I) - Ecc 1:12-2:11

Duration 30:15 (14.8mb)

#3 The Quest for Contentment (II) - Ecc 2:10-26

Duration 33:42 (16.5mb)

#4 The Tyranny of Time - Ecc 3:1-22

Duration 31:20 (15.3mb)

#5 Life in the Rat-Race - Ecc 4:1-5:9

Duration 27:16 (13.4mb)

#6 Climbing the Ladder to Where? - Ecc 5:10-6:9

Duration 33:37 (16.4mb)

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